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Drug Detox Programs

Drug Detox

Drug detox programs can help you focus on your recovery.

Many different options exist to the addict when it comes to drug detox.  Drug detox programs help the patient to overcome physical dependence on drug in preparation for long term treatment in a drug rehab center or similar facility.  Drug detox is the sometimes painful and dangerous process of eliminating dangerous and harmful toxins from the body by no longer using drugs.

While drug detox is a vital first step to any drug addiction treatment process, for some types of addiction, this phase of treatment can be rather dangerous.  Drug detox can cause adverse reactions by the body in an effort to “get more drugs” and these reactions, if not medically monitored, can be a danger to the patient if they go untreated.  In most cases, drug detox ends in a safe and healthy manner, and with the help of a qualified drug detox program the patient can return to a life without drugs.

Here at Drug Detox Rehab .com you will find detailed guides to many different types of drug detox programs that are aimed at helping you or your loved one to safely and effectively overcome physical dependence on drugs and take control of your recovery efforts.  Whether you’re looking for information about the best drug detox program for your individual situation or you would like to gain a better understanding of the rapid drug detox, you can find the answers to all of your drug detox questions here at Drug Detox Rehab .com.

The Best Drug Detox Programs

Are you wondering what the best source of drug detox will be for your individual situation?  We realize that no two addicts are the same and that your addiction may be like no other addiction.  That’s why we’ve developed this guide to finding the best drug detox for your unique situation.  Here you will find information about various drug detox programs and how to make the important decision of determining what the best drug detox program will be for your needs.

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Holistic Drug Detox Programs

Holistic drug detox programs take a whole body approach to helping the patient eliminate physical dependence from their life.  Looking at the person as a patient with more than just an addiction problem, the holistic drug detox counselor or physician will help the patient with all aspects of their bodily system including the mind, body and spirit.  This approach to drug detox often includes yoga, spiritual guidance, nutritional monitoring and medical intervention to create a holistic detoxification experience.

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Natural Drug Detox Programs

For some patients, natural detox programs are the ideal way to overcome physical dependence.  The drug detox programs take into consideration the ways that diet and exercise can help to naturally cleanse the body and eliminate harmful toxins.  Natural drug detox programs do not use any types of medications or toxins in the cleansing process and, while beneficial, are not for all recovering addicts.

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Rapid Drug Detox Programs

Rapid drug detox programs are a controversial method of drug detox that involves placing the patient into a medically induced coma while all of the withdrawal side effects take place.  This type of drug detox can be very dangerous and usually takes place in a hospital or hospital like setting where the patient is continuously monitored to ensure they are just as safe as they possibly can be in this situation.  Rapid drug detox programs are a relatively new method of detox by which the patient can effectively eliminate physical drug dependence in about 72 hours.

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