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Rapid Drug Detox

Rapid Drug Detox Program

Rapid drug detox programs get you recovered and back to your life quickly.

The term rapid detox is typically used when discussing a method of opiate detox which includes placing the patient in a medically induced coma for a period of up to 72 hours during which the physical withdrawal symptoms can take course and all toxins are removed from the body. During rapid detox the patient will basically be “asleep” while they receive their treatment and when the “wake up” they will no longer be physically dependent on drugs.

While this method of drug detox can be an effective way to kick start a rehabilitation plan, it is not a means to an end of drug addiction and should not be considered an effective method of treatment for addiction as follow up care and counseling will be necessary in order to ensure the continued success of the patient in abstaining from drug abuse.  Rapid drug detox programs are quite controversial because they are dangerous and because they do not allow much time for the patient to really “feel” and understand the severity of their addiction.

Does Rapid Drug Detox Actually Work?

There are conflicting answers as to the actual effectiveness of rapid drug detox programs.  This type of drug detox does help patients to overcome physical dependence on drugs but it does not do anything for the psychological realm of dependence that all addicts suffer from.  That said, rapid drug detox can work to effectively rid the body of toxins preparing the patient for counseling and therapy but it is only effective at riding the body of physical dependence and must be followed with rehabilitation.

Most drugs cause a much stronger psychological dependence or “need” than they do a physical dependence.  This is why it is so important to seek help for psychological factors that are associated with drug addiction once detox is complete.  Anyone who enters into a rapid drug detox program should first be made aware of the complexity of the program, the dangers of being placed into a medically induced coma and also the importance seeking additional treatment following the detoxification period.

Rapid Detox is Not a Means to an End

While detox is the vital first phase of any addiction treatment program, it is never a means to an end and is only effective if treatment is continued for the psychological factors.  Rapid drug detox can effectively rid a patient of opioid dependence in a physical manner but that patient will required counseling, therapy and after care services in order to ensure their long term sobriety and recovery.  If you or someone you love is addicted to opiates such as heroin, opium, morphine or methadone consider rapid detox as one of your many options to effectively begin the journey to recovery.