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Attempting to detox from drug abuse alone is dangerous, very uncomfortable and could be a huge mistake. It is vital to enlist the services of qualified professionals to help you through this critical time.

Dangers of Detox

Drug Detox

There are several different drug detox dangers to look out for.

When your body is going through detox many physical and psychological changes are occurring. Coming off the drug too quickly is very dangerous. The process is extremely painful. You may start to experience intense feelings of depression with thoughts of suicide. It is possible that you may become delirious and experience a dramatic rise in blood pressure. Your cravings for the drug will be heightened and depression may set in. Some of the risks of detox can even be life threatening, including heart attack and respiratory failure. Your body will be under severe stress.

Why You Should Never Detox Alone

Attempting to detox on your own is extremely unwise and incredibly dangerous. Given the dangers explained above you must realize how unwise it would be to attempt withdrawal by yourself. Your cravings for the drug will increase and your attempt to get off drugs will be ruined. It is unsafe to go through the detox process without medical help. Hypertension, depression, suicidal thoughts are possible reactions that require immediate medical assistance. Make sure you seek out that help.

How Detox Centers Help with Safe Drug Detox

Detox centers are medical facilities with highly trained professionals available 24/7 to help you detox safely. You can’t simply stop taking the drug, because such a sudden change can be very dangerous. The professionals in the rehab center are prepared to wean you off slowly and safely. They will carefully monitor all your physical symptoms as well as any mental problems you are experiencing. Once you have successfully withdrawn from the drug, the rehab will help you develop strategies to remain drug free. Your treatment will continue on an out-patient basis. You will join a group of patients like yourself and together you will learn how to control your drug cravings so that you can lead a healthier and happier life.

Getting off drugs and staying off drugs is a difficult challenge but there is help available to increase your odds of succeeding. Seek out that help and know that you are not alone.