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How Drug Rehab Centers Promote Safe Drug Detox

Drug Detox

Drug detox symptoms can leave you feeling hopeless and depressed.

Detoxification is one of the most feared parts of recovery from alcoholism or drug addiction without any real justification. It has been dramatized by television and movies to the point that people who really need help hesitate or remain quiet due to their fears about various detox programs in the centers. Actually, detox is different for everybody and in some cases may last only few days.

Some addicts may experience severe symptoms, while some may experience only mild symptoms. The entire detoxification process can be psychiatrically and medically managed, and most of the recovering alcoholics and addicts feel quite comfortable in the end.

Detox is necessary when any person who is dependent on any substance suddenly stops taking it. This happens because person’s body has already made several changes in the central nervous system for coping with constant presence of alcohol and drugs. Sometimes these changes are quite severe and persist for long, and may even become semi-permanent.
Body becomes dependent on the substance and cannot function normally. When that substance is suddenly withdrawn, then body suddenly goes into shock and works frantically to restore some kind of equilibrium. This often leads to misfiring and various other symptoms.

Physical symptoms of withdrawal from drugs include:

•Heart palpitations
•Weight loss

How Drug Detox Symptoms are Managed in a Medical Facility?

All withdrawal symptoms can be easily managed by seeking treatment in a professional medical facility, as they can be managed in safe and clean environment.

Medications are also administered for countering any unpleasant side affects and also for reducing anxiety or stress that is associated with detox. Supervision is also provided on 24/7 basis for ensuring safety and specialists can assist patient in handling emotions experienced in the detoxification process. Mostly detox lasts for about two weeks, and helps a person in getting rid of dependence on drugs or other substances.

How Drug Rehab Centers Promote Safe Drug Detox?

Drug rehab centers have team of qualified doctors who help people in getting rid of withdraw symptoms and consequences of drug abuse. These centers provide complete treatment to the drug addicts, which includes counseling, pharmacotherapy, and psychological treatment for safe drug detox.

Drug detox centers treat the psychological dependency by encouraging the patients to interact freely in a drug free atmosphere. They play an important role in an addicts life, and seeking help from a good detox center is quite important for a speedy recovery.